Have you heard of this type of miter saw

Instrument producers are pressing the boundaries of cord-less instruments further and additional every single day. Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Potential Tools) is going huge into their new two voltage 36 volt cord less/corded system. We’ve examined a few these tools including the 36 V Multi Volt 1/2-in Hammer Drill. A single standout supplement will be the C3610DRAM 36V MultiVolt Brushless 10″ two bevel sliding compound miter saw with AC/DC adapter. This saw uses brushless technological innovation and 36 volt battery power program to supply functionality that rivals that from a corded saw and when you don’t want to be charging power packs you are able to plug it in using the AC adapter.

We got this resource to a non commercial renovating project where we tried it to reduce the toned for any secondly surface supplement/upgrade. Three bed rooms, a stroll-in closet, washing area, washroom, and hall later on, we have set this noticed through its paces.

Initial Impact

Just like any seasoned carpenter understands, typically one of several initial stuff you do once you get a fresh saw would be to throw away the inventory blade. Having Said That I was pleasantly impressed by the lower top quality I bought together with the inventory blade. It wasn’t excellent, nevertheless it was acceptable for the fresh paint quality clip operate we had been performing with this task.

The handles are in advance and easy to use. The bevel secure is found on the front from the resource for easy gain access to. It functions well. When slicing some toned inventory that could butt into an inside area, I placed a 10-education back bevel about the finish in the table along with the handles had been quite user-friendly and user friendly. You will find a zero degree end pin that needs to be drawn out before you bevel correct, but that’s fairly common, and beveling kept is a breeze.

The miter lock provides the discharge option and fasten handle installation standard of countless miter saws currently. The miter detent override is also up front on the still left aspect of your noticed kitchen table and it’s an easy task to accessibility and utilize.


The biggest marketing reason for the Metabo HPT Multi-Volt miter discovered is definitely the Multi-Volt capacity: click the battery-molded adapter into the instrument, as with any battery pack, and connect the adapter into the wall structure: it’s a corded instrument now.

Switching between the battery power along with the AC adapter is simple, much like shifting battery power. The adapter includes a battery-designed adapter a long length of power cord, along with a box containing some further electronic products, and finally a quicker length of power cord together with the plug at the conclusion. The general length of the construction and cord is incredibly generous, close to 25 ft.

When connected there exists a supporter inside the adapter that creates a higher pitched whine. A little bit distracting but receives shed in job site noise pretty easily. The AC adapter works jointly with no noticeable decrease or boost in strength vs. using the battery power.

When using the battery the operate time really was outstanding. I would personally frequently go an entire day time of putting in clip or floors without the need to change the battery pack out for your AC adapter.


The Metabo HPT Multiple-Volt miter discovered is not really noticeably different from a corded 10″ sliding compound miter discovered when reducing trim. I gang lower some 1×5 inventory for home window casing in stacks of 4 boards and also this found didn’t think twice from the least. We also set 2-1/4″ bright white oak strip floors for this particular job and then there were a great deal of intense direction slices because of intersections between thresholds on angled doorways as well as the floors.

Yet again we had no problems with power whilst slicing the oak floor coverings or thresholds. On the whole we had been extremely pleased with the potency of this found.

Trouble with installation

The still left part fencing showed up from sq . to blade by about 1/32 over 2″ doesn’t could be seen as very much but once you’re decreasing casing that 1/32″ over 2″ quickly turns into 2-1/2″ across a 6′-8″ lower leg. With some a few minutes a 5 mm allen crucial as well as a very good blend sq . I surely could square in the fence. I found that among the allen screws that must be loosened to regulate a fence usually are not readily available using a regular “L” shaped allen essential and require both while using extended leg of the allen essential by using a wrench on the brief lower body for leveraging or even a “T” allen wrench to loosen.

Room for improvement

The Metabo HPT Multi-Volt miter found has a lot of flex. Very little stress may cause lots of blade deflection. To the point where I ended up reducing to the throat dish from the noticed during some bevel cuts. If treatment is undertaken although reducing deflection can mostly be prevented but around this price stage this found ought to be far more stiff. I surely could get sq . slices but it needed a really deliberate reduce with hardly any lateral stress on the manage.

There is a substantial amount of slop in the miter detents. So it’s pretty an easy task to transfer the found table off of the detent a bit in the event you aren’t cautious while interesting the miter secure. This can result in incorrect slashes. And the miter lock pin consists of plastic-type and then there is a lot of slop from the assembly. I want to see a more exact aluminum construction for this particular that might allow for greater reliability and greater longevity.

The line laser light goes about during decreasing which defeats the goal of a laser beam range. Just barely pressing the adjustment dials techniques the laser light a whole lot making it tough to create the laser beam align together with the blade. Furthermore the blade safeguard is possibly preventing the laser light or maybe the realignment dials so you can either view the laser or arrive at the adjusters, although not each. A more exact laser series with less difficult change will be very good but honestly I don’t find lasers on miter saws to get terribly helpful. Personally I’d rather simply have very good Guided lighting effects.


The Guided work lighting is placed too far back and behind the fence. As a result the LED’s ineffective unless the discovered carriage has become dragged almost all the way up forward on the side rails. Along with the LED’s are on the kept aspect of your found so the blade casts a shadow when coming up with cuts to the right area in the blade. So it never actually shines directly on the region in which the blade actually strikes the timber.

This may cause the attribute almost completely useless. Which can be sad for the reason that lights are dazzling and could have been efficient. I’d like the LED’s to get relocated forward and 2 of your four LED’s were actually relocated on the right side in the discovered.

As being a lefty I discover the bring about lock difficult to use. The horizontal take care of has got the trigger lock in the remaining part of your manage opposite of my still left thumb. I am just in a position to drive the set off locking mechanism together with the heel of my palm yet it is uncomfortable. Both get rid of the induce locking mechanism or use it for both aspects of your horizontal handle do you can use it with possibly hands quickly.

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