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Best Desktop Tools for Bloggers

Best Desktop Tools for Bloggers

Here’s a compilation of my some of the favorite tools I would suggest to my blogger friends. I won’t be mentioning any of the tools that come with your operating system like MS paint for image editing on Windows and photobooth for photo capture and adding effects.

1. Screenshot tool

As a blogger (especially tech bloggers) you need a good tool to grab your screen. There are some pretty cool software that let you replace you operating system’s default screenshot functionality with some additions.

  • Snagit  is perhaps one of the best screen capture tool. It lets you grab your screen quickly and add pointers to it. For $48, Snagit is a very handy utility. There is a free 30 day trial that you can use before you buy it.
  • Jing is a free tool from Techsmith (makers of snagit) that has got lesser features but does the job very well.
  • GreenShot is an open source screen capture tool that lets you take quick screen captures.
  • Skitch is an evernote extension. If you use evernote for putting together your post, this is a good software for you.

 2. FTP Client

It’s handy to have an ftp client if you wish to make some basic changes on your server (if you have a self hosted blog) that you can not make via your blogging platform.

  • Filezilla  is a simple yet robust ftp client that lets you upload/download files to the server via ftp easily.
  • Smart FTP is a premium software for people who want to go an extra mile. It’s packed with some advanced features that free ftp softwares lack. One of my favourite is – preview of files on the remote server. This feature can be a huge timesaver in some situations.
  • CyberDuck: Yet another simplistic and robust ftp client.

3. Code Editor

  • Notepad++  is an open-source code editor that supports a variety of languages. The core package is very lightweight and you can add more functionality to it from a huge selection of plugins.
  • Aptana Studio is one of the best free IDE for HTML, php, CSS and Javascript.
  • Dreamweaver is one of the most comprehensive HTML editor used by a lot of web Designers. If you are willing to spend some money on an html editor (php supported too), this is a good choice.
  • NuSphere PhpED is a premium lightweight IDE. It is my default php Editor as it has an immaculate ftp integration and
  • Coda (mac only) is a beautiful code editor with an intuitive interface.
  • BBEdit (mac only) is a lightweight text editor that lets you edit the code on your server.

4. Image Editor

You would often find yourself needing to use an image editor to crop, adjust the hues or modify an image.

  • Adobe Photoshop  is the industry standard for photo editing.
  • Corel Paintshop Pro is an alternative to photoshop that offers similar features and is a bit easier to user for someone who is not used to photo editing.
  • Gimp is an open source alternative to Photoshop. It is a good tool for individuals & small businesseses as often they can not afford photoshop.

5. Password Manager

It’s an extremely unsafe practice to use the same password for all websites. Password managers help you use a very safe string as your password and a different one for each website.

  • 1Password  is an amazing password management utility that lets you set strong passwords for different websites and then automatically synchronize them to your other devices.
  • LastPass is another password manager that does the same job. It comes with a free edition.
  • Keepass is a 100% free software to keep a track of your passwords.

6. Notes and Drafts manager

Microsoft word is quite a dated tool for managing your blog posts. Most of the good modern-day draft managers come with tons of handy utilities that are more suited for bloggers.

  • Evernote is an amazing draft manager. Some people also use it as a task or todo list manager to increase productivity and make the organization easier.
  • Windows live write lets you publish directly to your WordPress website. You can add images and other media via this software.

Other handy Utilities

  • Deskpins (windows) is a very simple utility that lets you keep a window always on top of other windows. This helps you stay focused on a task.
  • Team Support is a free remote access software that lets you access your friend’s computer with or without controls.
  • Clearly is an evernote extension that lets you write without distraction.

Please share your favorite tools in the comments section below.

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