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5 Tools to Make Your Team’s Work from Home Easier and Better

5 Tools to Make Your Team’s Work from Home Easier and Better

Ed Yong really summed up the situation in the world when he said, “We long to go back to normal, but normal got us here.” There is more to this statement than just a social, emotional, or humanitarian one. As we try to get used to the “new normal” in the wake of the pandemic, we have gotten used to doing things digitally, even though companies around the world are still trying to get the most out of it.

On the one hand, businesses have benefited from the cost-effectiveness of a culture in which some work is done in the office and some is done at home. On the other hand, the online work environment has also opened the door to many problems, like miscommunication and not being able to get to resources. According to a Microsoft study, “1 in 5 global survey respondents say that their employer doesn’t care about how they balance work and life. 54% feel overworked. 39% say they are tired.”


Also, the remote workers’ health is getting worse because they are spending more time in front of screens. This has not only made their digital stress worse, but has also hurt their health. Even though productivity levels have been found to be the same or even higher when people work from home, this situation has led to a scary cost. But partner can help with that.


Still, as we move forward with this new “Work from Home” reform, a wide range of technological solutions are already making our jobs easier. Even though MS Teams, Zoom, Google Drive, etc. are probably the first apps that come to mind after reading this, here are some of our top picks that have a lot of fans in the market and can make your work life easier and simpler:


Slack: A Way for Teams to Communicate and Work Together


Before choosing a communication platform, one of the most important decisions a business needs to make is whether or not to use a secure virtual business environment that can take care of and protect your information. Information’s reliability, credibility, and security aren’t just criteria for the company’s data; they’re also things that apply to everyone who works for the company. So, small businesses have stuck with basic channels like Whatsapp and Telegram, while bigger businesses want to keep up their standards and choose a more professional and less commercial source.


Even though there are many ways to communicate with the above filters, most organizations choose Slack, which is the leading enterprise-grade environment. Slack makes it easier for businesses to run smoothly by making it easy to combine tasks and systems. It also lets you add other software tools and services, like Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, G-Suite, etc., to make instant messaging and working together easier. This popular tool for connecting is the Digital HQ of the 21st century, promoting safe, easy-to-use, and effective ways to communicate.


Trello: Managing projects and making them fun


Running campaigns and projects has become a standard part of any business that is growing and changing. Even though the existing communication channels might be a great place to talk about these campaigns and projects, they might not be the best way to come up with ideas for projects or keep track of them. So, a project management channel is an important part of the solution. Due to the way the market is competitive and always changing, there are several platforms that offer this service. It has been shown that Trello, a web-based Kanban-style list-making app, is the most useful and effective in this field.


It lets people make their own task boards with different columns and move tasks between those columns. The application’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it easy to manage projects. It can be customized for businesses and can grow as needed. Trello is an all-around tool that can be used for both work and play. It helps you keep track of tasks, deadlines, productivity metrics, and calendars.


This modern application uses automation to create, manage, and streamline different virtual ecosystems. It is mostly used for real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, web design, gaming, and law office case management.


Email Analytics: Tracking Emails and Seeing Them


Internally, it’s up to the business to make sure communication works well. However, it’s also important for a business to keep track of its communications with the outside world, from starting a conversation to taking follow-ups, closing a deal, and analyzing communication trends with the outside world. Because of this, many companies recommend EmailAnalytics, a productivity tool that shows how the team uses email.


This tool not only lets the business see how long it takes the team to respond on average, but it also helps measure email metrics, such as how many emails each member sends and receives and what they do with their address in general. This tool has been highly recommended to remote workers all over the world because it helps several business units track and improve their growth.


Kickidler – Monitoring Performance and Governance of Efficacy


Even though working from home has given us the wonderful gift of flexible hours, many workers have been seen to work more than their usual hours when they are watched at the end of the day. It has also been seen that the average length of a meeting has grown. This might not have changed how productive they are, but it has changed how efficient their employees are.


So, to take advantage of the power of everyday performance monitoring, a number of businesses have started using Kickidler, an employee monitoring software that lets a business keep track of an employee’s work as they use their own electronic devices. The software lets you see a lot of real-time screens and helps you figure out how efficient things are based on the data it gathers every day. It also lets the company keep track of what employees have done in the past.


The software makes it easier for more people to get the benefits of the company, and it also lets you do a personal assessment. The software tells the employees how inefficient they are by sending them alerts about things they have been doing too much of.


ClaerityAI: Get rid of noise and improve sound quality


The constant background noise is one of the biggest problems we face when we work from home. Background noise is everywhere, from your sibling’s college meeting to your parent’s call for tea to the noisy mixer grinder in the kitchen to construction work in your neighborhood and the never-ending barking of street dogs. It’s not only tiring, but it also has a big effect on your work and, by extension, how much you get done. It also doesn’t look good to the person(s) on the other side of your laptop screen.


Aeris Communications made ClaerityAI, a software that blocks out noise, to stop this disaster. This software is easy to use and doesn’t need much maintenance. It can cancel out background noise around you as well as noise from other people on your call. This improves the quality of the call and makes your virtual meetings better. Since all of your personal information stays on your system, this software improves security and keeps audio communications private.


Organizations can easily use the central user management view, which helps provide licenses within the organization and check how they are being used from the point of view of a system administrator. ClaerityAI works on all web conferencing platforms, including Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet. ClaerityAI uses the power of AI to offer efficient two-way communication without any noise getting through. This is made possible by the spirit of technologically creative solutions.


Overall, it’s hard to say for sure whether the Covid situation has hurt or helped organizations, but we can be sure that it has affected and changed all of them. But thanks to our modern abilities to change, adapt, and grow, we have not only been able to make this situation normal despite the problems it has caused, but we have also been able to change along with it.

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