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5 Interior Designer Tips and Tricks For Better Looking Home

5 Interior Designer Tips and Tricks For Better Looking Home

Do you find yourself stuck at home on weekends with nothing to do? These home décor ideas are for you; they’re quick and easy methods to freshen up your space without having to go out and buy new items.

Continue reading if you want to renovate your home but are restricted by lockdown or just need to reorganize your daily routine. We spoke with five different interior designers who shared their home décor advice on how to give your home a facelift on a budget.

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1. Make the most of the available space in the kitchen.

‘Kitchen rooms are prone to clutter,’ explains Jennifer Jarvis, Senior Interior Designer at Helen Green Design. ‘This may make a space appear cramped and chaotic.’

‘Now is the time to clean out your cupboards, check all of your expiration dates, and get rid of anything that isn’t edible.’ When replenishing the cupboards, group similar foods together and store taller things at the back to make it easier to see what you have.

‘Be picky about what you put on your counters, balancing out your appliances with a vignette of ornamental containers and a wooden chopping board.’ Don’t be scared to lean artwork against the upstand to include it into your arrangement.’

2. Establish a home bar

‘Cocktails have made a big resurgence recently,’ explains Rigby & Rigby Studio Manager James Ashfield. ‘Make a focal point for your kitchen or dining room by clearing a space on a sideboard and arranging your finest glasses and bottles.

‘It’s also crucial to have a variety of garnishes on hand to give any drink that finishing touch.’ It will feel uncomplicated if you use a basic bowl or two in the same glassware design as your other glasses. Routine and socialization are vital during these odd periods. If having a post-work drink with friends or coworkers was a regular occurrence, carry on the tradition at home with a video app or with immediate relatives.’

3. Incorporate natural elements into your living space.

‘Try incorporating nature into your home in a dramatic and architectural way. ‘You could put leaf buds in a container of water and watch them unfurl,’ says Vanessa Arbuthnott, CEO of Vanessa Arbuthnott.

‘A nature space could be in the entrance hall or beside a window in the sitting room.’ Try to bring something to put on this table to decorate every time you go for your regular walk. This can also be a great project to do with your kids.’

4. Include new accents.

‘Remove any unneeded furniture or non-furniture things that have accumulated over time, making the area as light and airy as feasible. Cristina Chirila, Senior Designer at FCI London, adds, “This will apply to any area, day or night.”

‘Make a note of everything in the room and reconsider how you’re going to use it.’ ‘Sketch a new method to use the space and give it a try; you’ll discover it’s nearly as exciting as relocating to a new location.’

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5. Make sure your light fixtures are clean.

‘Not only can gloomy and dull homes consume more energy to light up, but they can also have a detrimental impact on your mood. A good quality, bright bulb is one of the most basic ways to liven up your house,’ explains Georgina Horspool, Lighting Designer at Alexander Joseph.

‘Existing and dirty bulbs are known to discharge less light, so get a new one or clean your old one, and your home will feel instantly brighter.’ We recommend a white light bulb for a bright home and a yellow light bulb for a warm and inviting environment.’

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