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On-page SEO & Functionality Check
Make sure your permalinks are search engine friendly and include your main words in the url automatically. Permalinks can be edited under
settings > Permalinks
Check your website for cross browser compatibility here:
Use firebug in firefox to make sure your script isn't breaking down and producing error. Also make sure script doesn't take too long to execute.
If your website uses wordpress, you can automate this process by using this plugin.
Check your website for html errors here:
A page title is the name of your html document. It usually looks like <title>My title</title> in your code. If you check the source of this page, you will find out page title for this document is: <title>To do list for your brand new website - How to make a website</title>. Make sure all pages on your website have a unique and relevant title.
Make sure your website's content does not have any grammatical errors. If you are not sure of yourself, hire a professional proofreader or ask your friend to proofread it for you.
Make sure the content on pages is properly formatted. Clean html of a page is helpful not only for your visitors but Search Engine's robots that visit your website too.
Don't assume your visitor has landed from a particular page. Also, use same terminology throughout your website so that your visitors don't get confused.
On Page SEO

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