Website Launch Checklist

Here’s an extensive website launch checklist for you to go through just before you make your site public. This is the next step if you have just finished the tutorial – “how to make your website in 3 steps”.
Since tasks can be categorized into a broad categories, I have divided our lists to 3 major lists:

  1. Install Essential plugins
  2. On page SEO check list
  3. Submission to major Search Engines and web directories
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Install Essential Plugins
One of the best SEO solution for your wordpress website. Download Link
Backup plugin is important. Let's you restore your site from a restoration point in case something goes wrong. Checkout Updraftplus (free)
A maintenance mode plugin is must have when your site is not 100% ready for release. So that public users don't see your half ready site. I use this one that simply activates maintenance mode on activation. Make sure you disable the plugin when your website is launched though.
I recommend using Gravity Forms for your website as it is a very easy to use and flexible plugin. It also comes with a lot of addons that allow you to extend the functionality of your website easily. If you want to use a free plugin, please use Visual Form Builder.
There are tons of softwares out there helping spammers target yours and plenty of other's wordpress websites. Luckily, we have a lot of anti-spam plugins to combat that. I use and recommend Akismet because it is very accurate with it's spam filtering technology.
I recommend w3 total cache for caching as it is the most complete caching plugin. It does take some configuration though, which can be frustrating for some starters. Use any other light caching plugin like super cache if you are having trouble with configuration.
Users and Search Engines love breadcrumbs. Install breadcrumbs navXt and follow the instructions under install section to add breadcrumbs to your theme.
Once your site is public, you will need to keep an eye on the amount of people visiting your site so that you can improve what you are doing right or wrong. I use google analytics and jetpack.
You will need this plugin at some stage to take care of 404 errors that pop in google webmasters tool. It is not necessary but very helpful to keep your website healthy.
Having some security mechanism that notifies you of any malicious activity going on in your system is something people often wish for when they come to me and I break the news that this was going on forever. Fortunately, wordfence does this job without much fuss.
Ever noticed that tiny icon to the left of your title? It's called favicon. I recommend using All in one favicon .
Broken link checker lets you detect any broken links on your website. It is very important for any website to not have dead links. Install broken link checker plugin to get notified whenever there's a dead link on your website.

That finishes our list of installing essential plugins, go to next page to have a look at On page SEO Checklist.

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