How to make a website – Part 2 of 2: Installing wordpress

I am glad you have made it this far. We are in the last phase of setting up your new website now. If you have missed any step or have landed directly onto this page, you might want to check the first part of this tutorial:

I am assuming you have got the email with your login details to cPanel. Check in your browser if the domain name you just bought is showing up (or propagated). It depends on your TLD – top level domain how much time it will take to propagate. Some cTLDs, for example have to be manually approved before propagation.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Once your domain has propagated, login to cpanel using the details you just got from hostgator:
We will be installing wordpress using a one click installer that you will be able to access from your hostgator cPanel.

There are two one click installers in wordpress that you can use. I will be using Fantastico in this tutorial. If you scroll down in your cpanel ( I know there are a lot of icons ) you will be able to spot them both. Click on ‘fantastico De Luxe’.
fantastico in cpanel
In fantastico, you will notice there are a lot of content management systems you can install, click wordpress in left sidebar and then new installation.
You will be asked for some information which you can add as I have shown in the following screenshots (which you can click to enlarge):
wordpress install step1wordpress install step2wordpress install step3

This finishes your wordpress installation
Now your wordpress site will have the default wordpress theme installed. It should look something like this:

default wordpress front end

This is how your website will look like when you point your browser to the domain you booked.

Looks pretty boring doesn’t it? I will now show you how to change the theme of your wordpress website to a theme that suits your business, personality or niche. In order to change the theme you will need to login to wordpress backend. To login to wordpress backend type /wp-login.php after your domain name and you should see a login screen as shown below:

wordpres default login screen

this is how default wordpress login screen would look like. You can see this by typing /wp-login.php after your domain name.

Login here with the username and password you chose while installing wordpress via Fantastico.

Step 2.1 – Installing new wordpress themes

manage themes

Go to Appearance > Themes

search for a theme

Search for a theme

Responsive theme

A responsive wordpress theme.

I like responsive themes so I have chosen a responsive theme but you can do a search for anything and see what theme you like. There are tons of themes that you can use for free. For a more professional look, you might have to spend a few extra bucks ($30 – $50). Checkout my theme section to get find an appropriate category for your website.

Step 2.2 – Install new plugins

I will give you a brief overview of how you can extend the capabilities of your websites by the use of plugins. Go to Plugins > Add New

I always install wordpress SEO by yoast as my first plugin as it helps your website rank better in Search Engines.

I always install wordpress SEO by yoast as my first plugin as it helps your website rank better in Search Engines.

Wordpress SEO

Click ‘Install Now’ to install this plugin. Click OK in the dialog box that pops up when you hit install now.

To find appropriate plugins for your website, please visit the plugins section of this website.

And that’s it. You have created your website – yourself. Feel free to contact me for any help via the contact form on this website and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you created your website using this tutorial and would like your site to be featured on this site’s homepage, don’t forget to leave me some feedback using feedback/testimonial form.
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What’s next?

Just having a website is not enough these days. It’s important you rank well for your targeted keywords as that’s the only thing that gets your phone ringing if you are a business. I have put together a list of tasks that you can go through to optimize your website.

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