Why use wordpress as your cms

Why use wordpress as your cms

Today wordpress powers about 20% of all websites. Matt Mullenweg  and Mike Little (co-founders of wordpress) would not have realized at the time they created wordpress how popular it was going to become.

There are tons of Content managements systems out there. Joomla, drupal, b2zevolution they all do the same job – manage content. So how did wordpress manage to get so popular? We did an analysis of the reasons people choose wordpress for and here’s what our team found:

1. Simplicity

WordPress’s power comes from its simplicity. If you know how to compose an email and hit the send button, you probably won’t find it hard figuring out how to publish the content via wordpress. The wordpress dashboard has got a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to publish the posts without knowing any html. WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor also allows you to paste from Microsoft word. Yes, it is that easy.

Worddpress backend

WYSIWYG editor in action

2. Low development costs

This is an important one especially for small businesses. There are about 20k free themes in wordpress theme directory and about 10 times that amount on internet. All this choice allows you to choose a fully tested theme suitable for your business easily. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, realtor, photographer, lawyer, sportsperson or an artist, wordpress has a theme ready for you. Your job is to find it (and perhaps mine is to assist you with that 🙂 ).

[P.S: If you are having a difficulty finding a theme, please contact me directly and I will get back to you with your options as soon as possible.]

3. Search Engine Friendly

One of the bonuses of using wordpress is that it takes care of Search Engine Optimization by itself. All the private files (in the folder /wp-admin, /wp-includes /wp-content/themes, /wp-content/plugins) are hidden from the search engines by default. Your job, after installing wordpress is to get your design right & hence publish your content. If you have want to get one step forward and enhance the SEO of your website even more please check our collection of SEO plugins for wordpress.

4. Incredible Platform Support

WordPress.org provides you with applications for all major platforms that let you edit your website on the go. At the moment you can download wordpress for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone 7, Nokia and WebOS. This gives you quite a lot of freedom if you want to add content on the go. If you are a developer, having such a large choice of website management apps enables you to offer your client a professional product that can be managed from a multitude of platforms.

5. Vast Community

If you are stuck with something and don’t want to hire a developer, you can search or post your problem in wordpress support forums. You will get an answer from pros in no time.

6. Security

WordPress has been targeted by malicious elements but then any popular content management system or software will be targeted because of possible benefits. Good thing is that wordpress development is quick to patch any security issues and releases updates frequently. This is one reason for people who already own a wordpress website to keep their wordpress version up to date.

8. Thorough Documentation.

WordPress.org provides a thorough documentation of the functions & classes it uses for developers that you can follow or search easily at codex .

We hope this post has helped you in choosing the right platform for your website.

Happy Publishing! 🙂

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