Setting up your own website is as easy as 1,2,3

A step by step guideline to creating your own website without any coding or photoshop skills.

  • Domain & Hosting

    Domain & Hosting

    Domain name: your internet address + Hosting: the server which connects you to the internet = WEBSITE ONLINE

  • Install Wordpress

    Install Wordpress

    Install Wordpress , one of the most popular and easy to use content management systems.

  • Choose Your Theme

    Choose Your Theme

    Your theme creates the look and feel of your website. Choose a free one or browse our selection of themes.

Step One

Buying your Hosting and Domain

1 Head over to and click on the GET STARTED NOW button.

sign up2 Scroll down and choose the plan most suitable to you.
Ensure you choose the length of time you would like to buy the hosting for. (In this tutorial, we will be choosing 1 year of the hatchling plan to keep the costs low). Click the SIGN UP NOW button under your plan of choice and it will take you to the next screen.

3 Here is where you can choose your domain name and find out whether it is available.
Enter your domain name and click the Register a New Domain button.
domain registration
This will let you know if your name of choice is available and give you pricing options.
Add your billing info and be sure to uncheck all the ‘additional services’ if you want to stick to the $80.55.

coupon code
4 At Step 5 you will be asked to enter a coupon code. The word snappy is already in thereā€¦delete this.
Now enter the code GATORBARGAIN25 which entitles you to a 25% discount instead of the normal 20%.

5Agree to the Terms of Service, hit the CHECKOUT NOW! button and you are finished with STEP ONE.
checkout and finish

Step Two

Installing WordPress

cpanel1 By now you should have received an email with a link and your login details to cpanel (control panel). Use these details to login.

quickinstall2 Now that you are in cpanel scroll down and click the QUICK INSTALL icon in the Software/Services panel.

install wordpress tileClick the Get WordPress tile to install wordpress as shown alongside.

If you cannot locate the tile . . .

. . . just click on the wordpress link in ‘popular installs’ on the left sidebar.

3 On the next screen, you will see an option to Install WordPress. Click on it and complete the form.


sitedetailsLeave the install path field empty so that wordpress will be installed in the root of your website. In the Admin Email field enter the email address where you would like to receive your ‘forgot password’ instructions. Type your website’s title in the ‘Blog Title’ field (this can be altered later). Complete the remainder of the form and click INSTALL WORDPRESS.
Ignore any popups or ‘offers’ on the next screen.

4finish-install Your installation is now complete. You will receive a success message. Click on ‘View Credentials’ and save the details as you will use them in the next step to login to your admin area.

Copy and paste the the ‘Admin Area’ url that we saved in the previous step. Enter your user name and password and you are in the wordpress dashboard.

5 This finishes the wordpress installation. In the next step, we will choose and install a theme for your website.

Step Three

Choose your Theme

Choosing a theme is an important decision as it will depict the look and feel of your website. There are thousands of free and paid wordpress themes available. We have a selection of beautiful wordpress themes in our themes pages, so take a look around. In this example we shall be using a free theme.

1 Download your selected theme files. Visit our themes section to choose a more suitable theme for your business website or blog. You can get the free theme here and save it to your computer.

wp-login.php2 Log into your wordpress backend (aka dashboard) by visiting your url…

3 Now that you are in your dashboard go to appearance > themes .

4 Click the ADD NEW button at the top of this page.

5 This will take you to a new screen where you will see an UPLOAD THEME button at the top. Upload the theme you just downloaded and click activate.

This completes your 3 step process. You have just created an amazing self-hosted website. Now you will need to add your copy and images.

If you have any queries at all please feel free to contact us via e-mail using our contact page.